Wisdom Edge Inc.

We are Education Consulting and Counselling company that provides education consultation, core subject tutoring. and standardized test preparation services according to the international and regional standards including ISO and Ontario provincial curriculum. The service is offered to the secondary (high school) age students in Canada with their unique approach to each student’s learning. 

We believe in serving others
About Us

We are contributing to the development of an economy that benefits everyone.

Our Education Consultants in Canada will help you with every step of the school and program application process, from researching various institutions to selecting the best one that fits your schedule. We will also collaborate with you to determine your eligibility for financial aid.

Why Choose Choose Wisdom Edge.

Workforce development

By designing, enhancing, and transforming workforce development systems, we prioritize equity, inclusion, and elevating underserved communities to prepare individuals for the future of work.


We are pleased to collaborate with candidates of all ages and abilities as a team that is independent and focused on students. Our staff is available to assist with aspirant applications and SEND accommodations, and it's never too early to get started. Explore our Education Roadmap to learn more about our comprehensive support and step-by-step preparation method.

Our Happy Clients - we believe working for our students

Facilitating new academic research across the entire education ecosystem, enhancing student outcomes, expanding accessibility and lowering costs, and great service.

Partnerships and mergers

Assisting clients in assessing the potential, designing the structure, and ensuring the new venture's long-term success by supporting organizations seeking to enter a partnership or merger with another institution.